The company has received the authorization to build a 4.9 MW solar photovoltaic park inside the industrial park, and the main photovoltaic cell is already connected to the national power grid.
The park is equipped with its own infrastructure, including: a railway station, an electric grid (capacity of 7.2 MW/hr.), a gas grid, a water grid, and a fiber-optic grid for high-speed data communication.

Features of the Zarnesti Industrial Park :

  1. Availability of industrial/commercial buildings and offices of different sizes, for rent and/or sale with full ownership.
  2. 360000 sqm of constructional area, with no building limits, fitted with all utilities, in the precinct of the Park there are three Italian undertakings for industrial metallic and concrete steel precast products and which are producing at the inner of the Park.
  3. Railway station inside the Park.
  4. Own electricity distribution network with a capacity of 7200Kw/hour starting from the high voltage cabin, the average voltage network with 5 transformers and up to the secondary distribution network.
  5. Own water distribution network fitted with shafts and headers.
  6. Sewage network connected to getter and discharge system of the rain waters in the river.
  7. Satellite antenna, broadband optic fiber, video monitoring system and interphone, WI-FI, street lighting, pit gas network. Etc.
  8. Timbered raw stock.
  9. Underground water with a head of 16-20m ( 40 L/second)
  10. Waste water, catchable in a dam, with level difference of approximately 7.00 meters and a flow between 300l/second and 2000 l/second.
  11. Seismic area D, with gravel in the underground (sqm 110000) and clay (sqm 250000)

• Zarnesti is a town with about 27.000 inhabitants, approximately 20 km away from Sibiu-Bucuresti the national road which crosses Brasov
• Brasov is the capital of the county under the same name, Brasov county has approximately 680.000 inhabitants of which half of them live in Brasov city
• The availability of the staff in the area is remarkable, qualified staff especially in the metal/mechanical field (Brasov is a university city and in front of the Industrial Park there is the Professional High school with a capacity of 700 students).
• Public works in the area are undergoing assignment: the airport at 16 km away from the Park and highway at 6 km away from the Park.
• Raw materials available in the area at advantageous prices: timbered raw materials, fruit, vegetables, meet (mutton, goat, bull, goose, pork etc.), milk and derivates.
• The cost of a transport by truck of 20/22 TONES:
Parma ( 2 points of loading) – Brasov/ Industrial Park = € 1600
Brasov/ Industrial Park – Parma _____= € 950
One way/roundtrip Parma – Brasov __= € 2500
• Sole turnover tax: 16%
• The ratio of the approximate costs for ROMANIA/ITALY services: gas 70% – water 40% – electricity 75% – telephone 60% – garbage 50% – video monitoring and gate access 25% – fuels 75% – field tax, the Industrial Parks recognized by law are EXEMPTED – the value of the amounts: 100% Italy and 160% Romania, accountants 65% – the rent of the industrial buildings, commercial buildings and offices 65% .
• ZARNESTI / PARMA ratio regarding the costs of the undertaking for the work performed with the same capacity result: between 18% and 28%, quantifiable by a minor cost for the undertaking between 230.000€ and 260.000€ at each 10 people/year.
• Any entrepreneurial/commercial initiative you would like to carry out in the Zarnesti Industrial Park (or outside if necessary) may be assessed, possibly co-financed by S.C. Brem Company S.A. (only at request) and commenced very quickly and with maximum earnest.
• The only requisite element for the success of any initiative: the capacity and earnest of the person/s in the management and control of the commercial and/or productive activity in Romania in full compliance with the “parent” company in Italy.


• The achievement of the Logistic Pole with remote software management
• The achievement of the Agricultural-Food Centre with excellent Italian products
• Self-production of electricity with recoverable sources